Playboy wants to make it in space

Forget about that stack of Playboy magazines you have lying around, because those are so very last century.

Yes, Playboy and Virgin Galactic want to build an exclusive club in space, and while you probably won’t be able to visit there anytime soon, you can at least fantasize about it, which is really what the Playboy experience is all about – aside from the articles, of course. 

”As Virgin Galactic gets closer to becoming the world’s first commercial space line, Playboy is eagerly pondering the creation of the ultimate intergalactic entertainment destination,” said Playboy editorial director Jimmy Jellinek.

“This heaven in the heavens will exceed starry-eyed travelers’ wildest dreams, and guests will truly experience a party that’s out of this world.”

Playboy apparently envisions its club as a space station/cruise ship in perpetual orbit, but it could also (eventually) travel around other celestial bodies.

“You could literally swing around the dark side of the moon,” explained Virgin Galactic’s Adam Wells, who rendered the futuristic images for Playboy.

The ship will consist of a stationary and thus zero-gravity superstructure, along with an outer ring that spins centrifugally, creating artificial gravity. Humans will get to the club by rocket, but cargo will likely arrive by machine gun, at least according to Thomas Frey, director of the DaVinci Institute, a futurist think tank. 

“We might create guns big enough to shoot things into space… Humans couldn’t withstand those g-forces, but it would be ideal for supplies.”  

There will also be a restaurant with gravity (complete with organic printers for food), a gaming room, a dance club offering a totally encompassing zero-gravity psychedelic experience, and personal quarters that serve as the first zero-gravity sex suites, or pleasure domes.

But having sex in space will obviously take some practice. Stan Kent, a rocket scientist formerly with NASA and now with Boeing’s satellite division, warns that “for every action there will be quite an opposite reaction. If you thrust into someone and aren’t holding on, they’re going to fly across the room.”

Ouch. I guess love really does hurt!