Prepping your zombie invasion check list

Are you prepared for a zombie uprising? Are you stocked up on weapons and canned food? Oh come on, who are we kidding?! There’s no such thing as zombies, we all know that, or do we?

Along with his best-seller World War Z, Max Brooks also wrote the Zombie Survival Guide and I could have sworn I’d heard somewhere that some people actually did take it seriously, and didn’t want to be vulnerable when a zombie onslaught happened. 

To some extent, zombies are a little more realistic than say a werewolf because they were human, they’re us, or used to be us, and in some people’s minds they can be a little more plausible than say a Frankenstein or a wolf-man.


So I’m recently browsing through Facebook, and saw a Zombie Preparedness Kit. It’s a several page list you can print up and includes such tools as the Barnett 18071 Quad 400 Crossbow Pacakage, which will set you back a cool $424.67, a SOG knife “N SEAL Team Elite,” which costs $97.75, a UTG Tactical Vest, and a lightweight bulletproof vest. (which is “currently “out of stock.”)


Of course this is all in fun, a funny fantasy someone put together for what they would need in a zombie attack. I haven’t added up what it all costs, but needless to say you’ll have to spend quite a bit of money to make sure you’re zombie safe.

Frankly, I personally thought zombies were going to be a trend in horror, they’d have their time, then go away, but it looks like zombies are indeed here to stay as the monster of the new millennium. 

Horror filmmakers will often tell you that people really like to put on make-up, run around and die in movies, perhaps it’s like reliving Halloween as a kid, and apparently people especially enjoy being undead in films as well.

For Dawn of the Dead, there was an open call for zombies, which brought out 1,600 people. The rule was come as you are, which is why there was such a big variety of zombies in the film, and Romero let everyone interpret their inner zombies however they liked. And as make-up master Tom Savini recalled, “We were havin’ a ball, it was Halloween every day.”

Maybe it can’t be Halloween every day for most of us, but it obviously doesn’t hurt to find your inner zombie and prep that emergency check list – just in case.