Grand Theft Auto, The Whole Truth, coming soon

Modern gamers have probably read the book Masters of Doom, the book that chronicles the making of the groundbreaking videogame, and the young geniuses behind it, John Carmack and John Romero.

The book was penned by noted journalist David Kushner, who regularly writes for Rolling Stone, Wired, GQ, and a number of other prominent publications.

In his magazines, articles and books, Kushner has extensively covered the world of gaming and technology, and his next book is going to be Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto, which will be released on April 3 by Wiley publishers. 

According to its listing on Amazon, and Kushner’s personal website, the author researched the book for ten years, and apparently it’s going to tell the entire, uncensored story of the controversial game.


The book’s Amazon page promises the book “explains how British prep school brothers Sam and Dan Houser took their dream of fame, fortune and the glamour of American pop culture and transformed it into a worldwide “videogame blockbuster.”

The book also “offers inside details on key episodes in the development of the series, including the financial turmoil of Rockstar,” not to mention “the infamous ‘Hot Coffee’ sex mini-game incident.”


You wouldn’t think the world of gaming could provide such a juicy tell-all book, but judging from what little I’ve been able to gather on the project prior to publication, a chronicle of one of the most controversial titles in the history of the genre, and the company that unleashed it onto the world, could indeed make a hell of a story.