Glamourcon: Beauty meets the geeks

Although I haven’t been to one in years, I used to go to Glamourcon quite a bit, and usually had a pretty good time attending it.

For those who aren’t familiar with Glamourcon, it’s basically a convention that has tons of Playmates, cycberbabes, and models galore.

It gives the average to below average schlub like myself the chance to be within close proximity of some extremely hot women.

The geek conventions have been hit hard, like everything else in the recession, and where Glamourcon used to be held several times a year in both L.A. and Chicago, now it’s only once a year in both cities. 

Like many geek conventions, it’s a way for these women to make some bucks selling autographs and merchandise, much like the stars of yesteryear do at the Hollywood Collectors Shows, Chiller Theater and Fangoria conventions. (Often times you’ll see them bored and waiting around for someone to actually purchase their stuff, kind of like the scene in Spinal Tap where no one shows up to the record signing).


Glamourcon features playmates of every vintage, as recent as last month’s centerfold to the beginning of the magazine in the 50’s. There’s also a number of models making names for themselves in cyberspace running their own websites. Some of the models you meet here aren’t as hot in person as they are in their layouts, while others are completely stunning. I met one ‘Net model I have the hots for, and turned into a complete nervous idiot from her beauty (It was cool, she understood).


With Glamourcon spanning so many years, it’s interesting to note the differences betweens the Playmates of yesterday and today. Some of the older Playmates you meet here are more down to earth and engaging. They don’t come across as untouchable goddesses, but more like a cool friend you had in college who also happened to be really hot.


Still, it’s obviously easy to feel out of place here. At the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors, nobody cares what you look like, and as long as you dig movies, comics, and games, you’re accepted amongst the geek brethren. We belong. At Glamourcon, in a room full of Playmates and cyberbabes, we stick out like a sore thumb. What on earth are we doing in room full of beautiful women?


And while it’s certainly nice to fantasize about it, I honestly don’t believe most of the guys who go to these conventions think they’re going to get lucky. They’re all too aware they’re much too average looking and socially shy to approach women like this in real life, so they admire them from a distance, like a great work of art.


The fantasy that you could be the one to get your dream Playmate is all part of what Playboy sells, and it’s a fun fantasy to have, as long as you know it’s just that. No matter what anyone thinks of them, the geeks still come to Glamourcon, and no matter how statistically impossible it would be for them to hook up with their dream girls, no matter how hard they’re gonna get shot down, they still bring their flowers, and wear their emotions on their sleeves, hoping that million to one shot will come through. You really must admire that kind of courage.