Porsche teases Macan SUV

When we think of the name Porsche, what generally comes to mind is sports cars and racing.

Of course, sports cars and racing are very much a part of the Porsche brand, but not all the vehicles the company makes are high-end track cars. Back in 2003, Porsche moved from being a pure sports car manufacturer with long-running models such as the 911 and started offering more family oriented vehicles like the Cayenne SUV.

The Cayenne is a midsize luxury crossover SUV capable of seating five. The automobile has been produced every year since 2003 and shares a platform with the VW Touareg and Audi Q7.

With fuel economy high on the list of priorities for many car buyers, Porsche is looking at adding a new vehicle to its lineup that is more like a baby Cayenne than any of the other sports cars in its fleet. The smaller SUV will presumably come with smaller engines – making it  one of the greenest vehicles in the Porsche fleet.

We don’t yet have full specifications on the new vehicle that Porsche is teasing called the Macan, although we do know it was formerly code-named Cajun. We also know that it will obviously be a smaller  SUV and is slated to start rolling out in about 18 months.

Macan is a strange word to my ears, and apparently is derived from an Indonesian word for Tiger. The Macan will share a platform with the Audi Q5 will be built in the Leipzig, Germany Porsche plant where the Cayenne is constructed today.

You can see the teaser for the new SUV in the video above, but don’t expect to actually learn anything about the vehicle. All we have to go on right now is the artwork offered in the very last frame. Then again, Porsche isn’t known for straying too far from tradition, so I suspect the Macan will be very similar in design to the Cayenne.