About that Back to the Future hoverboard

Who doesn’t love Back to the Future? People certainly have a lot of fondness for the early Amblin films these days, and that includes Future, along with The Goonies.

Like Doc Brown’s fabled Delorean, both franchises take many of us back to great, simpler times in our lives.

Now the Back to the Future toy many geeks have always desired is being made by Mattel, Marty McFly’s hoverboard.

Of, course this board can’t actually hover like the Star Wars hovercraft, but apparently it’s got gliders on the bottom.


As Gizmodo’s Casey Chan writes, “I’ve previously hold out on buying unofficial hoverboard replicas because I was waiting for Mattel to come out with an official version. Now that it’s finally here, I’m beyond excited. My life is complete. Well, almost.”


Mattel will be taking pre-orders for this from March 1 to the 20th, and it will be available for this year’s holiday season. No price has been announced yet, although writer Chan gets the impression it’s going to be a bit costly, and you can also do a pre-order on MattyCollector.com. 

Without enough pre-orders, the hoverboard won’t be made and you’ll get your money back, so come on Back to the Future fans, plunk down your hard earned duckets for this and show your love for an Amblin classic.