Angry Birds now on Facebook

As promised, the mega popular casual game Angry Birds has made its way to Facebook for the first time.

The game’s developer Rovio previously announced it would bring the avian-flinging adventure to the social platform just in time for Valentine’s Day, and here we are. How romantic.

Yes, nothing screams romance and valentines quite like oblong green pigs, so the launch date seems perfectly fitting. This isn’t the first time Valentine’s Day has been an important affair for Angry Birds. Rovio previously released a themed ‘holiday’ version of the game filled with pink backgrounds and a whole slew of little hearts.

Angry Birds has, of course, become one of the most popular casual games of all time. However, it is largely a single-player affair. Rovio could have brought it to Facebook a long time ago but it was apparently working on how to turn it into a more social experience.

Angry Birds on Facebook includes online leaderboards and special power-ups that users can buy for 99 cents a pop.

In case you’ve been keeping track, Angry Birds is already available for Android, the iPhone and iPad, Windows Phone, handheld game systems, and TV set-top boxes. And that doesn’t even include the board game or any of the myriad other merchandising ventures.

So as for Angry Birds making its way to Facebook, the only real reaction to have is – it’s about time.