Diablo III delayed until Q2 2012

If you’re one the many fans of the Diablo franchise from Blizzard, you might find it rather unfortunate that Activision recently posted some rather disappointing news about the long-awaited game.

Diablo III was announced way back in 2008, and was supposedly on track to hit store shelves in February 2012. Perhaps not unsurprisingly, the title has been has been delayed yet again – with Activision confirming during a recent earnings call that there will be no new games in Q1 2012.

Diablo III is set to take place in the familiar world of Sanctuary.

However, the Sanctuary of Diablo III is expected to differ compared to previous games, as the destruction of the World Stone essentially reshaped its geography.

The new Q2 2012 launch date means we probably won’t see the game until the April-June time frame, assuming, of course, there no further delays. Remember, this isn’t exactly the first time Diablo III has been delayed, as it was originally expected to launch in 2011.

At least two other Activision games will launch alongside Diablo III this year, including WOW: Mists of Pandaria and Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm.