About that digital download PS Vita discount…

It was recently revealed that Sony will offer a discount on games that are purchased through the Playstation Vita’s online store rather than at a retail store, but is the discount enough?

Sony was a pioneer in digital distribution when it released the PSP Go a couple years ago, making it the first platform from a major game company that had no physical media slot.

There were a myriad problems that prevented the Go from being a success on day one, but one of the most notable ones was the fact that PSP games downloaded through digital distribution were no cheaper than their packaged retail counterparts.

And in fact, this led to many PSP games being more expensive in the digital channel, since retailers can offer coupons or discounts that PSP Go owners simply couldn’t take advantage of.

So the idea of making downloadable Vita games cheaper than their retail equivalent is good news, but now that an actual number is attached to that idea, some gamers are still angry. A post on enthusiast forum Neogaf revealed that the discount will be 10%, and that doesn’t even apply to all games. For example, the new Modnation Racers game is $27 if you download it directly on your Vita or $30 if you buy it in a store with all its packaging.

In the Neogaf threat, most gamers call the discount a joke, noting that retail games will likely be discounted beyond that 10% on places like Amazon within time, and they doubt the Vita’s online marketplace will catch up.