The Lollipop Chainsaws of Evil Dead

We’ve covered the upcoming Evil Dead reboot on TG, and apparently there’s a promising new video game – dubbed Lollipop Chainsaw – that’s very much in the vein or spirit of the franchise.

Chainsaw was created by James Gunn, screenwriter of the 2004 Dawn of the Dead, Super, and Scooby Doo. 

Interestingly enough, the hero of the game is Juliet, a pretty hot lookin’ chick with short black hair, a shotgun behind her back, and a roaring chainsaw at the ready to kill zombies.

Sounds a bit like Ash from Evil Dead? Well, yes, she could indeed be a female Ash. As implies, when Lily Collins was originally selected for the the Evil Dead remake before being replaced by Jane Levy, she really was going to be a female version of Ash.

As Joseph McCabe writes, “For those of you who were hoping to see Lily Collins portray Ash, and wear Bruce Campbell’s iconic outfit, you’re still out of luck. But now we have the next big thing.”

As Gunn further explained to Fearnet, our heroine “carries around a chainsaw – a sparkled-up chainsaw with hearts on it – which she uses to kill rock n’ roll zombies. When she kills them, they burst into colorful hears and peace signs. It’s kind of a mixture of Dawn of the Dead and Powerpuff Girls – which are two of my favorite things.”

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment is putting out Lollipop Chainsaw on April 24 on the PS3 and Xbox 360. In the game, you can choose five different costumes for Juliet to wear, including goth clothes, rockabilly pinup, and more.