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Staring at a new Evil Dead

As most of you in geekville probably know by now, a reboot, reimagining, or whatever you want to call it of Evil Dead is slowly taking shape.

However, it’s Evil Dead without Ash, which is obviously a major WTF right there, and already one cast member has dropped out, Lily Collins, who’s also starring in the upcoming Snow White flick, Mirror Mirror, which is not to be confused with Snow White and the Huntsman.

Now Collider and Variety report that Shiloh Fernandez from Red Riding Hood will star in the film as the male lead, who apparently won’t be Ash although he bears a slight resemblance to Bruce Campbell.

And as Deadline reports, coming in to replace Lily Collins is Jane Levy, who’s on the ABC show Suburgatory.

The original Evil Dead gang, Campbell, Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert are going to be producers on the project, but that’s of course no guarantee of quality. In fact, a lot of times in Hollywood, there’s twenty billion producers on the credits, and many had little, if anything, to do with the actual movie.

Now fans have wanted a new Evil Dead with the original gang for quite some time, and it would fascinating to see what Sam Raimi can come up with with today’s technology. At the same time, the whole point of the Evil Dead movies was their low cost charm, although you also get the impression Raimi could do really stellar sh*t with CGI as well. Not to mention, it would have been cool to see where Raimi would take the story past Army of Darkness.

Again, it would be nice to see the gang come back one more time while they’re all still young. A few years back, Bruce Campbell was asked about a possible Evil Dead reunion in the L.A. Times, and he said he remembered when they had to raise money from doctors, dentists, and every day folks who wanted to invest.

“I’ll do another one when we get money from doctors and lawyer to do our own version,” he said. “Then I’m interested again. I’m not interested in making a $60 million studio film with a bunch of 24 year olds telling me what to do.”