Waiting for The Hunger Games

A new trailer for The Hunger Games has gone live, which will be airing during Super Bowl Sunday on February 5. 

Obviously, there’s tremendous anticipation over the long-awaited adaption of The Hunger Games novels penned by Suzanne Collins. It may actually be the second most anticipated movie of the year behind The Dark Knight Rises, so it’s not surprising to see people getting caught up in the mania.

There’s already reports that Games has inspired a similar series for television, The Selection, for the CW, which Entertainment Weekly says is based on an upcoming book series by Kiera Cass, with the first book coming out in April.

Writer James Hibberd reports The Selection “is an epic romance set 300 years in the future which centers on a poor young woman who is chosen by a lottery to participate in a competition to become the next queen of a war-torn nation at a crossroads.” Sounds a lot like The Hunger Games indeed. (EW also reports the CW has greenlit another JJ Abrams show, Shelter, a comedy / drama that takes place at a summer resort.)

In addition, The Hunger Games also made the cover of The Hollywood Reporter, which reported some interesting tidbits about the film as well. 

Apparently, the last movie in the series will be split into two parts, a la Harry Potter and Twilight, and anticipation is so high for the movie, Lionsgate said they got 8 million views on their website when they launched the trailer on November 14. (Book sales have also gone through the roof to 7.5 million copies).

Lionsgate was also hoping to make the film on a smaller, Twilight sized budget, somewhere in the $60 million range, but it went to a little over $90 million, “reduced to $78 millon after subsidies,” The Reporter states. 

Stephen Galloway also writes that research shows that Hunger Games appeals to both male and female young adults, and they’re hoping it will bring that age group back to theaters in droves.