Android-Kinect mashup is pretty cool

Well don’t expect anything like this to be officially supported, but it is a pretty neat little hack.

A guy who goes by the online handle DDRBoxman decided it would be fun to blow up his Samsung Galaxy Nexus display onto the wall.

So he connected his phone to a projector, making it possible to see his screen in 50 inches of glory.

The only issue is once you do that, how do you navigate through the phone interface without still needing to have the device in your hand?

Well, DDRBoxman had the whole system connected to a PC and, thanks to Microsoft’s open-source Kinect platform for Windows, he was able to create a custom ROM that mapped out the phone interface to the Kinect sensors.

It’s a pretty cool idea, and one that makes us think, pretty much for the first time, about how Android would fare in a much grander environment. It works fine on mobile devices, but what if Android could power a video game console in the future? Or could it be used as part of a “smart home” software package?

Surely none of these things is really in the works but it is fun to think about. For the time being, just check out the Android-Kinect project below: