PS3 hacked to expand PS Vita control

Ingenious hackers (there are never too many of them) have managed to expand what the Playstation Vita is able to do.

The device has not even launched in the biggest market – the US – yet, and already there is a major hack that tampers with the Vita’s controls.

This exploit actually doesn’t even touch the Vita itself. Instead, it’s a hack within the PS3 that alters the way it interacts with the portable console.

Specifically, it increases the number of PS3 games that users can play on their Vita. Sony is touting the cross-play feature as a big selling point for the device, which launches in the US in February. But reports have shown that the number of PS3 games that are compatible is woefully limited.

We’ll see what Sony does to address this. In the mean time, it has already had to release two firmware updates for the Vita due to crippling bugs that appeared after it launched in Japan.

Sony issued an apology and tried to assure gamers that the issues were fixable and there was no reason to be alarmed.

In addition to bugs and hacks, Sony also has to worry about another factor when it comes to the Vita – skepticism. Specifically, many believe there is no room for a dedicated handheld gaming device in a world of iPhones, Androids, and iPads.

So the Vita will make its mark in the US with battle scars already in place, but Sony is still hoping for a strong performance. The device’s selling price begins at $249.