Rumor: Microsoft ready to ditch virtual points

Honestly, I’ve never understood why or how Microsoft chose its Point system for users buying certain digital wares on the Xbox 360 and other platforms. 

Points were always annoying to me because I always seemed to have to buy more than I needed. Then again, perhaps that was the point?

Think about it: you can’t just purchase a few, for example, if you are 50 short of buying a game you want. You have to buy them in 400 Point chunks, meaning, a bunch of folks ended up with points sitting there which they never spent.  

Interestingly enough, InsideMobileApps is now reporting that Microsoft will kill its Points system and switch to a more traditional currency based platform.

Apparently, you will be able to just use your credit card and buy what you want with normal cash. Of course, I would hope that the new system, assuming its implemented, wouldn’t make you put money in your account in $5 increments.


Personally, I think it should be set up so if a game is $7.50 you can just buy the title straight up. So far, Microsoft isn’t offering up any official comments on the above-mentioned report simply saying, “we do not comment on rumors or speculation.” 

According to the source, however, the new system is slated to kick in by the end of the year, and will affect developers for Windows Phone, Zune marketplace and Xbox Live. Indeed, mobile devs have reportedly already been told that future DLC guidelines for apps and games should be geared towards a non-Points system.

Of course, Microsoft has slowly been introducing cash payments into Xbox Live in small increments so the move doesn’t come as a complete surprise. Frankly, I think gamers will appreciate the move, especially since if you have Points sitting in your account during the transition, they will reportedly be converted to your local currency.