Angry Brides highlights dowry demands

Dowries have been illegal in India for half a century, but they’re still very much part of life. Even now, women are frequently murdered – often by burning – for bringing too little with them when they marry.

Now, matrimonial site has launched a takeoff of Angry Birds aimed at drawing attention to the practice. In Angry Brides, players hurl everything from shoes to saucepans at their greedy grooms.

The free app sees three suitors – the famously-desirable doctor, engineer and pilot – dodging the missiles while demanding ever-increasing amounts of money. A successful hit from the enraged bride adds to a virtual anti-dowry fund, and reduces the demands of the groom.

“The Angry Brides game is our way of throwing a spotlight on the nuisance of dowry. According to a 2007 study by NCRB, there is a dowry-related death every four hours in India,” says Shaadi’s Senior VP and head of online marketing Ram Bhamidi.

“We condemn this menace and have consistently run campaigns on Social Media to help create awareness on the seriousness of this issue.”

Over eight thousand women are reported to have died dowry-related deaths in 2010, but the true figure is likely to be much higher. To go by the newspaper reports, an astonishingly high number of young brides are killed by exploding cooking stoves.

It’s an open secret that many of these women have been murdered because their families have failed to meet demands for money, or because they’ve borne daughters instead of sons.

“ has always believed that marriage is an institution of love, where there is a place for togetherness, mutual understanding, family values & emotional support but not for dowry!” says the company.

The game’s available here.