The mystery of Prometheus

It’s obviously going to be some time before we see exactly what Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is all about.

Originally there was speculation the film would be a prequel to Alien, and it definitely has the Alien vibe and look from what little Ridley wants to show us in the trailer.

Interestingly enough, Prometheus is hitting theaters courtesy of Fox, the same studio which released Alien on Memorial Day way back in 1979.

Whether it will bring Alien full circle, or complement it, again still remains to be seen, although when Ridley’s on top of his game he’s a phenomenal filmmaker, and Alien obviously still has a special place in

as the film that jumpstarted his impressive career.

Back in 2010, Scott told the L.A. Times he wanted to make two prequels to Alien, and noted he was thinking about doing it in, big surprise, 3D. 

He also spoke a little about Prometheus, noting: “It’s written. I’m prepping it now. To me, a prequel is interesting, much more interesting than a sequel. They never asked me to do the sequels.”

Prometheus also has a current Star Trek connection in that Damon Lindelof wrote the screenplay. Damon is part of Team Abrams, having worked on Lost and Cowboys and Aliens. 

As Lindelof explained to the L.A. Times, he was glad to get the gig, although now he’s got to keep everything under wraps, as he had to with Lost. 

“I was like, ‘What a relief it’ll be leave mystery and secretiveness behind,'” Lindeloff told writer Amy Kaufman. “Then I found myself in the same situation, and thought, ‘Here we go again.'”

Lindelof also promised the film is “epic in its scope,” and David Lean, the master filmmaker who gave us Lawrence of Arabia, name came up a lot. Of course this isn’t going to be Doctor Zhivago in space, and Alien was ultimately a big budget B movie that was raised to a much higher level – thanks to Scott’s sensibilities and the design of H.R. Giger.

And funny enough, instead of hitting theaters on the anniversary of Alien, Prometheus will launch on the 30th anniversary of Blade Runner (the same month, not the same release date, but close enough).