Black Sabbath guitarist fighting lymphoma

Last year, Black Sabbath confirmed it was reuniting with the original four members of the band, including Ozzy on vocals.

At the official press conference on November 11, or 11-11-11, it was announced there’d be a big tour this year and that they were going to record a whole new album of original material – their first with the original lineup since 1978 – with Rick Rubin at the helm.

In fact, Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi said it was Rubin who kept calling him up about an original reunion. This is of course great news for metal heads everywhere, and according to Billboard, Sabbath may have been planning on headline Coachella, but then the news broke that Iommi is ill with lymphoma.

Currently, Iommi is working on a treatment plan with doctors, and considering his determination to learn guitar after he lost the tips of his fingers, there’s no doubt he’s going to fight cancer with everything he’s got. When the news hit the metal community, many sent their best wishes and hopes for a fast recovery via Twitter.


Anthrax wrote: “This really does suck. GET WELL SOON TONY!” Tommy Clufetos from Ozzy’s band wrote, “All my positive vibes to Tony Iommi for a healthy speedy recovery.” 

Sebastian Bach wrote, “All hail the mighty Tony Iommi & F*CK YOU, Cancer.” (Sic)

And Randy Blythe of Lamb of God wrote, “I absolutely insist that every single follower of mine, religious or not, send a prayer up for Tony Iommi. Iommi is the reason heavy metal exists. You pray to Crom, Odin, yourself – don’t care who. Just send up some positive vibes for Tony Iommi.”


A Sabbath reunion is indeed a great thing, but nothing’s more important than your heatlh. Get well soon Tony, and hope you’re back riffing it up again in no time.