Motherlode of lost Thin Lizzy Songs uncovered

Thin Lizzy is a criminally under-rated band that helped influence countless groups, including Metallica and Iron Maiden.

Sadly, Lizzy lost their charismatic frontman Phil Lynott in 1986, and it was a terrible loss on many levels. The world is missing a great talent, as well as a fantastic guy who had a strong presence both onstage and off.

“I always looked up to Phil and respected him,” says John Sykes, one of several amazing guitar players who played in the Lizzy ranks. 

“He lived every minute and every second of it. He wasn’t f*ckin’ around, and it wasn’t a game. Phil might have had a shortened life on this planet, but I can guarantee that he probably lived more life in his thirty-six years than a f*ckin’ hundred people lived.”


Now Guitar World reports that 700, yes that’s correct, 700 Thin Lizzy recordings have now been unveiled, and were given to Universal Music for free by a friend of Lynott, whose identity remains a mystery.

According to GW, the tapes have “out-takes, unheard version” of Thin Lizzy hits and material that was recorded but never released. There’s also a Thin Lizzy box set in the works through Universal, and some of these lost tracks will be included with that package.


In other long-lost 70’s rock news, Guitar World reported that Peter Frampton’s legendary Les Paul, seen on the cover of Frampton Comes Alive, has been recovered after being missing for thirty years.

The guitar, which was believed to have gone down in a plane crash, but two fans of Peter investigate, and ultimately managed to find the guitar.

Once confirmed it was his great old black Les Paul, Frampton said he’s going to get it insured for two million. “it was always my No. 1 guitar and it will be reinstated there as soon as possible,” Frampton said.