Rewind This!

I have very fond memories of the VCR boom, and, once way back when, thought it was amazing you could actually own movies and watch them at home. 

At first they were very expensive, and I could only stare and drool at my favorite movies at the local video store. Then came sell through video, and we all piled our movie collections up to the moon.

VHS officially died in 2006, but apparently there’s VCR nostalgia everywhere. We reported on one horror film company that is putting movies back out on VHS, and you can even buy them at Frys.

Now there’s a documentary in the works about VHS called Rewind This!, and you can help get the movie finished.

The documentary is being put together in Austin, Texas by IPF Productions, and it’s already gotten over $11,000 invested from people donating through their website. (They need to get up to $15,000, which isn’t too far away now.) 

You can pledge increments of $10, $20, $30 or more, and so far Rewind This! has over sixty hours of footage, and as Kickstarter reports, “Rewind This! will cover every aspect of the video story, from box art to the format wars.”

This documentary could be very timely because VHS nostalgia may indeed be coming back, and there’s also a report on Deadline that home video may be recovering and stabilizing in the new year. 

Also on Deadline, Ron Meyer, President of Universal, is reportedly excited to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary with a number of Universal classics that are coming to Blu-ray.

Still, I and many other movie fans still have a nice pile of video tapes, and I’m looking forward to checking out Rewind This! myself. Of course this begs the question, will it come out on a VHS special edition?