Finding Nemo coming back in 3D

Get ready to search for Nemo all over again – this time in 3D.

Disney is bringing the heartwarming animated tale back to the big screen in September on September 14, for those who think it’s worth it to catch the underwater action in a new dimension.

Finding Nemo becomes the latest movie that Disney has brought back to theaters because of its 3D remastering. Last year, the studio had quite a successful run when it offered a theatrical 3D version of The Lion King.

And due to hit theaters soon is a 3D overhaul of the classic tale Beauty and the Beast. Of course, with those ultimate classics, it’s more about nostalgia to head into the theater and watch it on the big screen than it is about the 3D effect.

For a much more recent film, like Finding Nemo, it will be interesting to see if that same power of nostalgia kicks in.

It is noteworthy, though, that this will be the first theatrically released 3D movie from Pixar. The computer animation giant has announced strong 3D plans with several projects in the works, but this remake will come out before any of those come to fruition.

Because of Pixar’s ability to create wondrous environments and magical experiences in 2D, it will be interesting to see if this 3D presentation really takes things to the next level. It will perhaps be a sign of things to come in Pixar’s future.