JJ Abrams on Alcatraz and Star Trek 2 in 3D

JJ Abrams has a lot of action lined up for 2012. Principal photography on Star Trek 2 in 3D is beginning on the 15th, and his new series Alcatraz will premiere on the 16th.

Before both projects take off, some details about both have surfaced, including the not so surprising revelation that Abrams isn’t exactly crazy about doing the next Trek in 3D.

Abrams told The L.A. Times, “How could there have never been a show called Alcatraz? As soon as I pitched the idea, I was desperate to make it happen.” 

As as for why Jorge Garcia from Los is back, Abrams said, “He can do almost anything, he’s got this amazing, wonderful range. He can play heartbroken and heroic and funny and stunned.”

According to Deadline, Jack Bender, executive producer and director of Alcatraz said the show has a “crazy ass premise” which is “less a comic book world than a graphic novel. It is surreally cruel, to have such isolation in full view of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.”

As for the Lost comparisons, Abrams explained, “In theory, any land mass is an island, and you could argue that any show is on an island. The Mary Tyler Moore Show was a lot like Lost.”

Regarding Star Trek 2, which is just about ready to roll, Abrams told Entertainment Weekly, “I did not fight for the 3D. It was something the studio wanted to do. I didn’t want to do it.” 

Abrams said he changed his mind when he “actually converted a bunch of the original movie [to 3D], which looked really good. That was the thing which made me think it would be okay.”

Of course, a lens flare joke writes itself here. Then again, whatever format JJ shoots the film in, well, you’ll know Trek 2 will have plenty of flares, otherwise it just won’t be Trek a la Abrams.