Do you remember Halloween?

If you’re a fan of Halloween, there are obviously a number of classic images from the film that have burned into your mind over the years. 

Michael Myers wearing the ghost sheet. Laurie Strode defending herself in the closet with a knife. Michael and Laurie battling to the death in the shadows. The penetrating stare of Dr. Loomis.

Kim Gottlieb-Walker was John Carpenter’s still photographer on Halloween, and now she and Carpenter are bringing their pictures together for a special gift book that should be ready before next Halloween through Random House with a tentative price set at $29.95. 

The book will also include the photos Walker took for Carpenter’s The Fog, Escape From New York, and Christine. You can view some of Kim’s work here, as well as in her book about Bob Marley and the Golden Age of Reggae.


Walker recalls, “I had been shooting underground journalism,  popular culture, rock and roll and reggae performers for several years before I started shooting for films. I met John Carpenter through the late producer Debra Hill, who had been the script supervisor on a little, low budget, so-awful-it-was-never-released film. That was my first experience shooting stills for a movie. When she was putting together the crew for Halloween, she called all the people she had enjoyed working with when she was a script supervisor, including me.


“I knew very little about Halloween, but from the very first day it was an incredibly joyful experience,” she continues. “John and Debra were a fabulous creative team. She took care of business and he took care of shooting. John was always aware of how important the stills were to selling a film and made sure I always had the opportunity to get the shots I needed. Working with John and Debra was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and I adored them both.”