Jaws is coming… on Blu-ray!

I’ve always loved Jaws, but even I’m surprised at how fanatical the movie’s following is to this day.

As we’ve written about the infamous Jump the Shark episode, back in the 70’s the country was gripped with shark mania, and it’s still continued to this day for fans everywhere.

To honor the fan devotion that’s been shown to the ultimate shark movie, a great new gift book is out that has Steven Spielberg’s stamp of approval, and now there’s reports that the Blu-ray edition of Jaws will be hitting store shelves this August. 

According to Cinema Blend, “although no special features or specifications are currently available for the upcoming Blu-ray release, if the Jurassic Park Trilogy set is any indication, the Jaws Blu-ray may come as a stand alone, and also as a set involving some or all of its sequels.”

Jaws the Revenge on Blu-ray?! It better include Richard Jeni’s comedy routine about watching the movie, and other bad movies, late at night in some hotel room as an extra. Actually, having it as a commentary track will make the movie much more enjoyable.

As most Jaws fanatics know, there’s also been a big documentary in the works forever called The Shark is Still Working that’s supposed to come out through Anchor Bay, and I’m also hoping the Blu-Ray will include the 1995 making of Jaws documentary by Laurent Bouzereau, which was made for the laser-disc, and is one of the best making of a movie documentaries I’ve ever seen.

With so many people now documenting the history of Jaws for future film historians, you wonder if there’s ever going to come a day when we’ll know absolutely everything about the movie, and there will be nothing left to learn about Spielberg’s masterpiece. 

Until then, I and many others will keep celebrating the shark.