Playstation Vita not even close to 3DS sales

Even though it’s the new kid on the block in Japan, the Playstation Vita is still being outsold by a margin of six to one.

According to reports, around 300,000 Vita units were sold in its first two days, an impressive number for a Japanese launch.

But many of those customers found themselves disappointed with their purchase, after the system experienced bugs ranging from screen freezes and touchscreen inputs that stopped working, to complete system crashes.

Sony has had to issue two firmware updates to solve the problems, leaving a sour taste in the mouth of even the most ardent Sony fans.

As such, the has failed to sustain its momentum. In the most recent week, about 72,000 Vita units were sold, compared to more than 482,000 3DS systems.

Of course, the Vita has suffered problems since the launch, including large-scale reports of consumers finding the device locking up on them, screens freezing in the middle of games, and other associated bugs.

The 3DS, meanwhile, is finally starting to mature after its own struggle to get off the ground. Nintendo’s blockbuster lineup of 3DS games over the last several weeks has really helped it to gain momentum.

Here in the US, the 3DS had a successful holiday season as well. The Vita is due out in February for the US. It will be interesting to see how the sales numbers here – in a much more globally important market for Sony and Nintendo – compare.