Youtube breaks down top 2011 videos

Averaging millions upon millions of views per month, Rebecca Black’s infamous “Friday” music video was the most-watched Youtube sensation of the year.

That’s probably not likely to really surprise anyone. The video had all the good qualities needed for total virality – the song was catchy enough that you had to watch it, bad enough that you had to forward it to your friends, yet still relatable since it was an everyday teenage girl just trying to get her 15 minutes of fame.

Some of the other videos on the list were not nearly as famous outside the realm of Youtube – the owner of the canine in “Ultimate Dog Tease” certainly never appeared on Nightline – but they did fully embody the expected trends of Youtube.

So you have your token funny animal video, the “Talking Twin Babies” video was the quintessential “awwww” video of the year, and Maria Aragon’s singing of Born This Way captured the spot for amazing young talent.

Then there was “Nyan Cat,” which was the “now that’s just weird” video that rose to make it to the top 10. In other words, we can pretty much predict the kinds of videos that will comprise a most-viewed list these days. It’s just a matter of who manages to master each of those categories.

Here’s the complete top 10:

1 – “Friday” – Rebecca Black

2 – Ultimate Dog Tease

3 – Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)

4 – Talking Twin Babies

5 – Nyan Cat

6 – Look At Me Now – Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes

7 – The Creep (feat. Nicki Minaj & John Waters)

8 – Maria Aragon – “Born This Way”

9 – “The Force”

10 – Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten

You can check out all these videos on Youtube’s best of 2011 blog post