The secrets of the Dark Knight & Amazing Spider-Man

As we’ve often noted on TG, when you’re shooting a big, event genre film, you’ve got to try and keep everything top secret until the movie hits theaters.

But in this day and age when things can leak so easily on the ‘Net, the studios really should give movie fans a little something in advance to tide them over – and often do.

Now with the upcoming July releases of The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises, there’s the Spider Man website that apparently shows a great deal of what’s to come, and the seven minute prologue for Dark Knight, which is playing before the new Mission: Impossible film, Ghost Protocol.

As TheWrap confirms, the official website for The Amazing Spider-Man reveals quite a bit, with WANTED posters for Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy wiping blood off Peter Parker as well. 

Of course, Spider-Man was in trouble for “vigilantism” before, and like Batman was blasted for being a vigilante and a public menace in the eyes of some. Apparently the film will also reveal a secret his father left behind.

What is definitely known about the new Spider-Man? The film is going to be in Imax 3D when it’s released on July 3, 2012. Although the original Raimi gang is obviously done, one key element that’s back is Alvin Sargent, the two time Academy Award winning screenwriter who worked on all the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films, and gave the films their best dramatic scenes, as well as the moments with the most heart. (One of Sargent’s best known credits is Ordinary People, which he won the Academy Award for in 1981). 

Like any major Hollywood film, there’s probably going to be three hundred writers who took a pass at the script, but trust me, the more Alvin there is in the script, the better. (Also contributing to the script is Steve Kloves, who adapted the Harry Potter films).

As far as The Dark Knight preview, Entertainment Weekly opined that it makes the wait for the July 20, 2012 release date even more anxious, because as Jeff Jensen explains, it’s “big, brawny, Bane-tastic.” 

Apparently Jensen was very impressed, and wrote, “What made the biggest  impact on me was the bigness of it all, how Nolan and his collaborators picked locations and conceived action and framed shots that so perfectly fit and fill that monolithic Imax screen.”

Like Jensen, I wasn’t nuts about Bane being the new villain either, especially considering he was also in the worst Batman flick, Batman and Robin, but he also writes, “I came to this prologue wanting Team Noaln to make me a Bane believer. Mission accomplished.”

I won’t spoil anything else, neither will EW,  but apparently the prologue is the opening of the movie. As tempted as I am to see it, I’m going to wait ’til July, barring the coming attractions. If Bane indeed passed the test, great, but Catwoman’s going to be the real test for sure.