Modern Warfare 3 PS3 patch is imminent

Developer Infinity Ward has been hard at work at fixing a few annoyances that have plagued the newest entry in the mega popular Call of Duty series.

“Pushing out another #MW3 hot fix, hopefully tonight, possibly tomorrow. Fixes hitmarker sounds on PS3 also Semtex+Juggernaut rebalance,” explained Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling on Twitter.

Modern Warfare 3 set a new record when it launched earlier this year, making it the most successful launch day for any game (or any other entertainment release for that matter). As a result, Infinity Ward has a lot of fans to keep track of.

The company has always been consistent with releasing regular updates to its games as it responds to consumer complaints and requests for new features, but some have called into question whether or not this means the game is actually 100% complete when it’s shipped.

That’s an argument that has grown ever since the advent of online console proliferation. Many players feel that games are released even if there is a known glitch or two, since the developer knows it can just force through an update at a later time.

It’s especially relevant for the Call of Duty series, since every installment has a very hard launch date and delaying it would seem preposterous.

Nevertheless, it hasn’t deterred players from continuing to pick up new Call of Duty games en masse.