Wanted: Star Trek 2 villain

So Benicio Del Toro won’t be playing the villain in Star Trek 2, whether he is indeed Khan or not. Nobody will say for sure right now. 

JJ Abrams and Paramount both deny it, (Zachary Quinto also feigned ignorance, more on this in a moment), but whoever the villain’s going to be, Abrams and company seem somewhat closer to picking an actor to play the bad guy.

Variety’s now reporting that Edgar Ramirez, who starred in the film Carlos, and Jordi Molla, who starred in Colombiana, are both in the running.

And funny enough, Ramirez is going to audition for the role via Skype. (Ramirez also starred with Del Toro in the epic Steven Soderberg biopic of Che Guevera.) 

According to Variety, whoever ultimately plays the villain will need to commit to a six month shoot, from January to June 2012.

MTV tracked down Zachary Quinto at the Gotham Awards, but he said, “I don’t know ho [the bad guy] is. I haven’t read the script. I can neither confirm nor deny those details, so if JJ Told you something more than I can tell you, then you have more word than I do, but I’m really excited to get back to it, and we’re all geared up for it.”

Don’t forget, actors starring in major franchises like Trek usually have to sign lengthy, legally binding deals that they can’t talk about anything in advance, so I’m sure Quinto knows, but has to stay mum, and let’s face it, really, who’d want to be the cad who’d spoil it all in advance? 

Paramount and Team Abrams will certainly reveal everything when the time is right, and with casting nearly complete, we shouldn’t have too long to wait.