Awards show teases "PS3 exclusive you won’t believe"

If you’re one to believe lofty superlative marketing language, then you should expect the PS3 to make quite a splash at this year’s Video Game Awards.

The annual awards show, televised on Spike TV, takes place on December 10 and has been a launching pad for exclusive trailers and game announcements in recent years.

And according to a billboard posted in New York City’s theater district, it looks like that trend will continue. The billboard promises that the VGAs will reveal “13 exclusive world premieres.”

The ad copy continues to say Metal Gear Solid: Rising and Bioshock Infinite will be among the exclusive titles featured during the spectacle, along with “a PS3 exclusive you won’t believe.”

As you might expect, this is leading to rampant speculation about what the mysterious PS3 title may be. Among the favorite candidates is a recently-leaked game called Title Fight, which looks to be a Super Smash Bros-esque brawler that unites Sony’s powerhouse franchise characters in a free-for-all battle.

Other, more baseless speculation includes rumblings of a new God of War title, Final Fantasy XV, and a Final Fantasy VII HD remake.

Of course, to actually find out what the title is, you’ll have to watch the Video Game Awards next week (or just wait for someone else to Tweet about it).