3DS firmware update delayed

An update to the 3DS that had been scheduled for this week and will bring significant changes to the device, has been delayed to December 8.

“The upcoming Nintendo 3DS system update is in the final stages of internal testing,” Nintendo explained in a statement. “We will provide an additional update once the system update is officially available.”

Arguably the most significant feature in the update will be the ability to record 3D video using the device’s built-in 3D camera. To date, users have only been able to capture still 3D photos.

According to previous statements about the update, users will be able to record up to 10 minutes of video at a time.

Also to be included with this latest update are enhancements to the “StreetPass” platform, which allows users to download Mii avatars from other 3DS owners while you walk down the street, attend game conventions, or happen to be in any public place where there might be other 3DS owners.

The StreetPass updates will include the ability to interact with your collection of Mii friends, as well as a new mini-game.

In addition, wireless connectivity between two 3DS systems will be improved, allowing users to transfer large amounts of data with friends.

The update shouldn’t be expected to spur many additional sales of the device, but Nintendo will no doubt begin touting the 3DS video capturing feature in future commercials and promotions.