Report: Vita will play all PS3 games

The “Remote Play” feature that gave PSP users limited connectivity with their PS3 will be greatly expanded on the Playstation Vita, according to a new report.

The report, from, says it has been tipped off about an upcoming firmware update, which will give the Vita a huge amount of PS3 compatibility.

Among the features included will be the ability for Vita owners to log into their PS3 from any Internet connection and play games that are on the PS3 hard drive or in the Blu-ray Disc drive.

This concept has lived in an extremely limited form with the PSP. For a huge majority of PS3 titles, PSP owners who access Remote Play are told the game is not compatible. A select few PS3 games are playable remotely on the PSP, but there are technical limitations that greatly reduce the effectiveness of this feature.

The Vita, though, is much more powerful – powerful enough, apparently, to play every PS3 game. The resolution will reportedly be dumbed down to 480×272, but the games will be able to run with no issue.

The idea is if you’re in the middle of a game on your PS3 but have to head out on a trip somewhere, you’ll be able to continue your game on-the-go with the Vita.

It’s similar to Nintendo’s Wii U, which will let players continue the game they’re playing on the TV after transferring it to the portable tablet-like Wii U controller. However, this requires players to still be in the same vicinity as their Wii U console.

With Playstation Vita Remote Play, the connection between portable and home console is much more powerful. The Vita comes out in the US in early 2012.