Unplugging: L.A. Woman turns 40

The  40th anniversary of The Doors’ L.A. Woman is coming up! In honor of the momentous event, Rhino and Eagle Rock Entertainment will release a glorious reissue of the 1971 album, which was Jim Morrison’s final album with the band before his death.

Scheduled for release in January of 2012, a 2-disc anniversary edition of L.A. Woman will hit stores, as well as a behind-the-scenes DVD with recent interviews with remaining Doors members. Also to be released is a 3-sided vinyl LP of the album.

The anniversary CD will showcase alternate versions of seven of the album’s tracks, as well as the addition of the unreleased song, “She Smells So Nice,” which was recorded during the L.A. Woman sessions, and was forgotten within the sessions tapes until now. The vinyl release will also include the alternate versions. The DVD release features exclusive footage, archival photos and new interviews.

Until The Doors reissue next year, you can quench your desire with Imaad Wasif and Bobb Bruno’s cover of “Go Insane.” Serving as part of their charity CD release titled Beat L.A, the compilation will be released November 25th, and proceeds from album sales will benefit Doctors Without Borders and their support and aid of Haiti. The album will see a limited edition double LP release, and will feature other musicians, including Jarrett Silberman, Modern Memory, The Dylan Trees, and others.

Meanwhile, Jack White’s Third Man Records is gearing up for a splendid holiday season, with many titles that will delight all vinyl-lovers. The independent Nashville record label is in the process of promoting the release of a two-sided vinyl of Edgar Oliver’s poetry and 2 John C. Reilly singles featuring Jack White and others.

Besides the awesome vinyl, fans can anticipate a custom designed Revolution compact turntable, by Crosby. With USB ports and coinciding software, music can be easily ripped, and users can edit audio content. The device also has a headphone jack and FM transmitter. The battery-operated turntable fits 7 and 12 inch records. Also on deck for release is Third Man Record’s 45 box, which will fit up to 30 7 inch records, and includes a record cleaning kit.

Coming February 2012 is the contemporary new soundtrack to Le Voyage Dans La Lune, the 1902 French classic. Completely re-scored by the French duet Air, the 14-minute silent film that was groundbreaking work for early cinema has been revived and restored with a contemporary twist.

The film, backed by its new soundtrack, premiered at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, and was very well received. Featured on the soundtrack are Au Revoire Simone and Victoria Legrand of Beach House. EMI will release a limited edition of the soundtrack on February 7, 2012. The release will include a bonus DVD or digital download of the restored and colorized film with the new score by Air. Only 70,000 copies will be up for grabs, so plan accordingly!

Citigroup has auctioned off two separate divisons of EMI, with its recorded music division going to Vivendi/Universal Music Group for almost 2 billion dollars, and its EMI Publishing Group to Sony. EMI’s music division has housed artists such as David Bowie, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Queen, while EMI’s Publishing Group has featured artists like Arcade Fire, Kanye West, Beyonce and Amy Winehouse.

Citigroup decided to put EMI up for auction as two separate factions. As of now, the final decision of Sony and Universal’s purchases of EMI divisions is awaiting approval the European and U.S. regulating committees. However, the decision is being opposed by the Independent Music Association, under the claim that such mergers would create monopolies.

Unplugging in Brief:

Third Man Records Releases Winter Vinyl Bounty – Jack White’s Third Man Records is ready for the holidays with many new releases on the way just in time for Christmas.

Air Announce New Soundtrack Album Le Voyage Dans La Lune For February 2012 Release – The re-scoring by Air of the French classic puts a contemporary spin on the black-and-white silent.

The Doors Announce 40th Anniversary Reissue of L.A. Woman For January 2012 Release – The Doors’ 40th Anniversary reissue features a 2-disc CD, a behind-the-scenes DVD and a 3-sided vinyl LP.

Listen: Imaad Wasif and Bobb Bruno cover The Doors’ “Go Insane” – Wasif and Bruno covered a Doors tune for a recent charity album.

Universal and Sony Buy EMI – EMI has been sold to Sony and Universal as two separate factions; indie labels fear monopolies.

Lily Angelle, MXDWN