Playstation-branded TV has inventory problems

Sony’s ambitious, yet cheap, Playstation-branded 3D TV is either not able to meet demand or is just having difficulty on the production line.

The company has been forced to push back the product’s launch in the UK, cutting itself from what could have been huge holiday sales. Amazon’s UK site has the following note on the product listing for Sony’s “3D Display:”

“We have been informed by our supplier that there will be a delay in obtaining stock for this item and it will no longer be released in Europe in 2011.”

What is so unique about the 24-inch product is that gamers who have an extra pair of 3D glasses can compete against a friend using the same TV but each player gets to see their own respective side of the action.

This is possible by eliminating the 3D effect and instead having two completely different images on the screen at the same time, which are then filtered to each respective pair of 3D glasses.

It’s relatively cheap, too. For around $500, customers get the 3D Display, a pair of 3D glasses, a free game, and an HDMI cable. Sony eliminated costs by failing to include an actual TV tuner, but who really watches live TV these days anyway?

It’s a cool, gifty kind of product and Sony was no doubt hoping to grab a lot of Christmas shopping attention. Sony has not offered any additional information about its inventory problems. Meanwhile, the 3D Display continues to be available for purchase in the US.