4D lasted longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage

I normally try to refrain from writing about reality TV, even though I’ve vented my spleen about Jersey Shore a few times already, but this was too good to pass up. 

All over the ‘Net, the jokes have been everywhere about Kim Kardashian’s marriage lasting all of 72 days, and everywhere there’s lists of shortest celebrity marriages, and things that have lasted longer than their wedding.

I mean, just imagine the poor suffering interns who had to gather all that information at the last minute.


But the funniest one yet caught my attention because it also mentions something else that gets under people’s skin: movie gimmicks.

This isn’t something I would have come up with in a million years, but apparently Moviefone figured out that Spy Kids 4, which was done in Aroma-Scope (4D), or what I call smello-vision with scratch and sniff cards, has lasted longer than the Kardashian marriage.


This sure isn’t to say Spy Kids 4 was a smashing success, much like the gimmick it was pimping, it really stunk up the joint. 

And sure, the marriage cost $10 million, but they also pocketed $18 million for the media rights to their wedding.

As writer Christopher Rosen recently pointed out, “After 73 days, Spy Kids 4 is still playing in 151 locations around the country. 

So, congratulations to Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Joel McHale and Ricky Gervais (as the talking dog)!

“You all produced something more lasting than Kim and Kris.”

And according to Box Office Mojo, it made an impressive world wide gross of $70 million in spite of crapola reviews.


It’s almost like a Howard Stern-Stuttering John question, what’s the bigger disaster, the Kardashian wedding or Spy Kids 4?

Think about it: we all thought 4D and the current crop of reality TV “stars” were going the way of the doo-doo bird, yet they keep lingering on.