Will JJ Abrams resurrect Khan in Star Trek 2?

Benicio Del Toro may have been tapped to be the next Star Trek villain, but what character will Del Toro play if he accepts the role?

Now again, details are very spare at this point, because even Del Toro himself doesn’t know who he’s playing. Still, it’s fun to imagine how things could come together in the virtual theaters of our minds.


Fortunately, MTV  has come up with three possibilities to help Trekkies along. The first? Hel-lo?! Khaaaaaaannnn! 

Yes, Del Toro even looks a bit like Khan, though he’ll definitely have to hit the gym to get his pecs in shape. (And yes, Nicholas Meyer, writer / director of The Wrath of Khan, once told me that really was Ricardo Montalban’s chest.) 

As MTV points out, “Khan is easily the most beloved of all the Star Trek villains, and The Wrath of Khan is arguably the best of the series.”


Could Del Toro also play a Klingon, a race which was conspicuously absent in the first JJ Abrams Star Trek film?

“Besides, Benicio Del Toro in full Klingon makeup would be totally awesome,” MTV speculates.

Actually, to be fair, there’s also the risk he could look pretty ridiculous as a Klingon too, with the big forehead and the long mane.


And of course, the third option is a whole new villain, which would be the most challenging of the three options.

It will definitely be hard for Abrams to come up with something that will satisfy “classic” Trekkies, while at the feeling right at home in the new ST universe. 

Still, it would be a neat hurtle for Team Abrams to overcome – if they can pull it off. 

Again, Del Toro just got the offer, and we’ll have to wait and see if he comes aboard the Enterprise or not before we even know who he’s playing, or before he even knows who he’s playing as well.