Elder Scrolls Skyrim DLC will be epic

Well, there I was thinking that Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim couldn’t possibly get any better. Oh, how wrong I turned out to be.

Yes, the crew at Bethesda is already coding “substantial” downloadable content (DLC) for the RPG, which will offer players even more virtual terrain to explore and characters to interact with.

The first DLC probably won’t be available for some time, which is perfectly fine with me, as it will likely take hundreds of hours to familiarize myself with the vast world of the default Skyrim.

“Very quick DLC might sell well, but that’s not our priority. We’re not going to be doing a lot of it,” Skyrim producer Todd Howard told Wired.

“Our high-level thinking is that there’ll be not as many [pieces of DLC], but they’ll be bigger and more substantial. The goal overall is not necessarily to put out more content, but to make the game better.”

Howard also hinted that developers could use the DLC to overhaul the game’s core features and mechanics.

“We could… We don’t want to leave anything off the table. We’ll start hitting on everything after vacation… We’ll take a break [after the game launches], see what consumers think of the game, then see which direction we want to go.”

Although the DLC will take some time before it hits consoles and PCs, Bethesda is readying a Skyrim patch for all platforms, which will launch alongside the game for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Windows PCs on November 11.