Is Benicio Del Toro the new Star Trek villain?

Star Trek fans will be happy to learn that things are moving right along in the JJ Abrams universe.

Although there were initially some delays, Abrams is ready to hit warp 9 with Chris Pine (Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock) and perhaps even Benicio Del Toro as the new Star Trek villain.

Unfortunately, Del Toro’s character is still shrouded in mystery, as the actor himself doesn’t even know if the villain will be human, Vulcan, Romulan or Klingon. 

Remember, in many cases, even the biggest stars in Hollywood only get to see the screenplay pages that include their characters on a movie, especially if it’s a top Hollywood franchise like Trek.

Also, one of the biggest hold ups with Trek 2 is the script, or lack thereof.

Meaning, there wasn’t one just a few months ago, with Abrams making do with a very detailed outline. As such, the final script may also not be ready, although some reports claim it is likely completed by now.


Del Toro’s villain role is one of the last in the film left to be cast, and it remains to be seen if the actor will accepts it or not. 

Of course, if Del Toro passes, there’s certainly twenty million stars that would be more than happy to take his place, but Benicio Del Toro as a Star Trek villain is definitely an inspired choice.


Production on the next Star Trek is scheduled to begin early next year. There’s no official release date yet, but pure speculation has put it somewhere in 2013, or late 2012 if they really hustle.