Rick Perry’s weird speech goes viral

When you’re running for president it’s probably a good idea to appear consistent. Rick Perry found out the hard way that when you appear uncharacteristically goofy during a speech, people will talk.

According to The Hill, there is a video of clips from Perry’s speech in New Hampshire and it has gone viral on YouTube. When The Hill’s article was published yesterday the video had 475,000 views.


It now has 874,064 and counting.


People are typically used to seeing Perry play the part of the rough and tough Texas rebel with the good hair. That’s why the video is so popular because it shows people a side of Perry that no one has seen before.


It probably won’t help his campaign, but people sure do like to watch videos of public officials who might be under the influence. The eight -minute video shows Perry in an overly cheerful mood (for him) and he even giggles when someone gives him a bottle of maple syrup as a token of appreciation.


The video makes pundits and voters wonder why Perry has kept his sense of humor hidden all this time. He comes off as a lot more happy in this video and he seems much different here than was during the debates on cable news networks.


The media has taken this footage and run with it, Jon Stewart even insinuated that Perry might be drunk in the video. The most common YouTube search on Tuesday linked to Perry was “drunk.”   


According to the Huffington Post, when the asked the Perry campaign about it they said: “The governor is passionate about the issues he talks about.”


That may be true, but his behavior at the debates hasn’t helped his popularity and this weird public appearance could be the final nail in his political coffin.