Unplugging: Neil Young & Arcade Fire take the Bridge

We are excited about the recent team-ups, covers and collaborations going on in the music world. Groups are getting hip to the idea of joining forces and paying homage to legends.

Joining forces for Neil Young’s 25th annual Bridge School Benefit last weekend, Beck and Arcade Fire, among other prestigious artists, took the stage to serenade the audience in aid of The Bridge School, an educational center for children with speech and physical impairments. Organized by Young and his wife, the benefit concert is an annual non-profit charity that is held each October in Mountain View, California, with all proceeds benefiting The Bridge School.


Arcade Fire shared the stage with Young to perform “Helpless,” a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young classic. Beck teamed up with Young to perform, “Pocahontas,” and then joined Eddie Vedder to perform a duet of, “Sleepless Nights.” Other artists in attendance were the Foo Fighters, Devendra Barnhart and Dave Matthews.

Jack White’s ambitious label Third Man Records, is cranking out a new package of “The Vault” series, featuring remixes of songs by The Dead Weather and The White Stripes. Vault Package #10, besides featuring a live performance LP from White and a DVD of the 2010 Third Man’s Devil Night party, will include a Double A-Side Remix 45.

The 45 will feature a remix by Beck of the Stripes’ “The Hardest Button to Button,” from Elephant and a team-up betweenJosh Homme and Mark Lanegan of The Dead Weather’s “Hang You From the Heavens.” Check out Third Man Records’ site for more information.

As if Gorillaz front man Damon Albarn isn’t busy enough with his side project The Good, The Bad & The Queen, who will be performing two shows at the Coronet in mid-November, he recently unveiled the name of his new supergroup – Christened Rocketjuice And The Moon – featuring Flea from The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Tony Allen from The Good, The Bad & The Queen. in a recent interview Albarn admitted that the group’s moniker was not thought up by any of its members, but rather the artist who designed the artwork on their album sleeve. The supergroup will make their live debut Saturday night as a part of the Another Honest Jon’s Chop Up! program, at London’s Barbican venue. The group has also announced that their self-titled debut studio album is in the works, and is expected to be released in 2012.

In other team-up news, with the departure of drummer Atom Willard, the band Angels & Airwaves has appropriated Ilan Rubin, former member of Nine Inch Nails and Lostprophets, into the group. Willard left the group earlier this year, to speculation of his reformation of Rocket From The Crypt, his old project.

The second half of Love, to be released November 7th, features Willard’s last recording with Angels & Airwaves. The first half of Love was dropped last year, but with the upcoming release of the second half of the album comes a coinciding feature film, also titled Love. Besides Rubin’s work alongside Nine Inch Nails, Lostprophets and Angels & Airwaves, he has had time to release several solo efforts, under the moniker of The New Regime.

Just when you think The Flaming Lips could not possibly top their latest bizarreness, they go and outdo themselves once again. After recently releasing a 6-hour song of warbly weirdness, a 24-hour song is now in preparation by the group.

Following suit of their latest gummy skull trend, five copies of the 24-hour song will be put onto USB drives and placed inside chrome dripped human skulls upon its release. Believe it or not, the five copies of the song encased within skulls have sold for $5000 a piece. And in case you are wondering, the skulls are 100% real human, allegedly procured from an authorized vendor in Oklahoma.

On Halloween night, The Flaming Lips will pay tribute to the late Steve Jobs at the O Music Awards 2. They plan to cover “Revolution,” by the Beatles in commemoration of Jobs, and their performance will be recorded on an iPad and broadcasted via OMusicAwards.com.

Unplugging in Brief:

Damon Albarn/Flea/Tony Allen Supergroup dubbed Rocketjuice And The Moon to Make Live Debut This SaturdayGorillaz front man Damon Albarn has teamed-up with Flea and Tony Allen to form a supergroup dubbed Rocketjuice And The Moon.

Watch: Arcade Fire and Beck Play Neil Young’s Bridge School BenefitThe 25th Annual Bridge School Benefit show featured great duets and team-ups between Neil Young and popular artists.

Beck, Josh Homme, and Mark Lanegan Remix the White Stripes and the Dead Weather – Third Man Records shall release Vault Package #10, which will feature a 45 release of White Stripes and Dead Weather remixes.

Former Nine Inch Nails Drummer Ilan Rubin Joins Angels & AirwavesFollowing drummer Atom Willard’s departure earlier this year, Angels & Airwaves welcomes Ilan Rubin to their group.

The Flaming Lips to Pay Tribute to Steve Jobs Via an iPad Recording as Well As Release a 24-Hour Song Encased in a Human Skull – The Flaming Lips will perform a Beatles cover of “Revolution” in commemoration of the late Steve Jobs on Halloween night, coinciding with the release of their 24-hour song, encased within chrome dipped human skulls.