Rockstar announces Grand Theft Auto V

It’s a game that everyone expected, yet publisher Rockstar still managed to surprise by announcing Grand Theft Auto V with no build-up or fanfare.

In fact, the announcement came without a press conference or even a press release. Instead, Rockstar changed the landing page of its website to a giant logo of the new Grand Theft Auto title.

Below the logo is the caption “Trailer 11.02.11.” So until we get to see that trailer next week, the only information we have is that Grand Theft Auto V exists.

Grand Theft Auto III was the first installment to bring the franchise into 3D, and Grand Theft Auto IV took the experience to HD. It’s unclear what the fifth title in this landmark series will bring to the table, but you can expect fans will be expecting a lot.

And it may be coming sooner rather than later. This announcement came from out of left field. As far as everyone knew, GTA V was only just a concept at this point, but clearly the game’s covert developers have just been locked away somewhere.

We’ll know a lot more – hopefully – when the trailer launches on November 2. Expect gamers to be counting down the days until they get their first glimpse at what is sure to be a revolutionary new title in the already revolutionary Grand Theft Auto franchise. We’ll be waiting for parental and advocacy groups to chime in as well.