Type O Negative is back on vinyl

You’ve read our coverage on TG Dailyabout the recent loss of Peter Steele, founder of Type O Negative, a great and heavily influential band in modern day metal. 

Steele was a terrific songwriter with Negative, and his previous hardcore band Carnivore, but he was also a very troubled person who let his demons get the best of him, and he died too young in 2010 at the age of 48. 

Although Type O went pretty far considering how uncompromising their sound, and the length of their songs, I still think they could have been even bigger, and Peter could have accomplished even more with his talents, which makes his death an even more tragic loss. 


There could never be a Type O without Peter, but now in remembrance their classic albums are all back on vinyl and will be released on November 25, which is Black Friday. 

The box set is being released by Roadrunner, the band’s long time label, and all the albums will be in Type O’s primary color, green.

The albums include their debut, Slow Deep and Hard, The Origin of the Feces (with the original cover art), Bloody Kisses, October Rust, World Coming Down, and Life is Killing Me.

So far, I haven’t been able to track down what the box set will cost, but it’s definitely a must if you’re a fan of Peter and Type O. Although Type O will sound great in whatever format you listen to them on, metal has been making a big comeback on vinyl, and it will be interesting to hear Type O with the warmth and sonic quality you can only get with it. Plus, who else misses color vinyl besides me?


For those never checked out Carnivore, his classic hardcore band from the ‘80’s, they also put out an amazing album called Retaliation which is well worth getting if you haven’t already. 

Listening to Retaliation, you can clearly see where Type O’s music developed from, and Peter’s acerbic lyrics have something to offend everyone.

A friend of mine loved the album because he felt it was “anti-everything,” and on those days you feel like grabbing your Mac-10 and opening up in a post office, just put on Retaliation, and you’ll feel a whole lot better.