Will Beavis and Butthead heckle metal again?

The revival of Beavis and Butthead is nearly upon us, as the show will be back officially on October 27. Of course, B&B creator Mike Judge has been doing a lot of press and promotion for his favorite creation.

The characters will be exactly as we knew them, which much around them changing, and they’ll be goofing on reality TV. Still, one important question remains… will Beavis and Butthead make fun of metal again?

As fans of B&B, like myself, fondly recall, they mercilessly tortured the hair bands that overran MTV right as grunge was coming in, and at least one band, Winger, even blamed the cartoon for ending their careers. (Funny enough, the fat neighbor, Stuart, went to a Slayer concert on the show, and it didn’t hurt their careers any).


As reported on Metal Insider and Metal Injection, Judge admitted  it’s harder to get music videos on the show since the old days. Remember, Beavis and Butthead went off the air fifteen years ago, but there will be music videos again on the show, and some from hard rock bands as well.

And where a lot of metal bands whined about Beavis and Butthead making fun of them, Judge ran into the band Grim Reaper once, and they were cool about it. Grim Reaper also has the dubious distinction of having all three of their videos played on Beavis and Butthead.


Metalheads are quite notorious for having little to no sense of humor about their religion, meaning the music they love, and this is why ‘80s metal seems so ridiculous looking back on it. 

So many bands tried so hard to be taken seriously, and it made them appear even more ridiculous.

If B&B make fun of the hair bands again, my suggestion to them is relax, enjoy the free publicity, and have a good laugh along with the rest of us.