Avatar tops most pirated movie list

If I want to see a new movie, I have absolutely no problem laying down my hard earned money for it.

The same goes for music too, because I like thinking my cash is going back to an artist I like, even if they’re barely getting a few cents of it.

Even if I was somewhat interested in obtaining current films before they come out, for something like say, Avatar, I really want to see it on a big screen first – as much as I’d enjoy being privileged enough to see the film early, or get a sneak peek of it through other means.

Of course, as we all know by know, piracy scares Hollywood, and studios are trying to do whatever they can to stop it before a Napster style crisis puts movies out of business too.

But in any case, Avatar is indeed the all-time most pirated movie at 21 million downloads. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, The Dark Knight weighs in at #2 with 19 million, Transformers with 19 million, 18 million for Inception, The Hangover with 17 million, Star Trek with 16 million, Kick-Ass with 15 million, The Departed with 14 million, The Incredible Hulk with 14 million, and lastly Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End with 14 million.


Of course, all these movies made big bucks, and funny enough, The Reporter mentioned how James Cameron felt 3D was the industry’s best chance to fight piracy, which obviously didn’t happen and probably won’t any time soon. 

The Reporter also notes the studios feel illegal downloads really hurt movies most with DVD and TV sales, although now the DVD market has collapsed, and Hollywood’s looking for other secondary markets it hopes will stick, like UltraViolet.