This is what happens when you betray a hot Russian spy

The Kremlin has reportedly dispatched an assassin to eliminate a double agent accused of betraying wannabe spy and amateur stripper Anna Chapman.

According to the Guardian, the Russian double agent also managed to out nine other spies in the United States this spring.

“We [definitely] know who he is and where he is,” a high-ranking Kremlin source told Kommersant, in a statement translated by the Guardian.

“You can have no doubt – a Mercader [trained assassin] has already been sent after him.”

Russian security officials have positively identified the traitor as Colonel Shcherbakov, an officer of the SVR who controlled a ring of “sleeper” agents, including the smoking hot Chapman.

He is believed to have fled Russia three days before President Dmitry Medvedev visited Barack Obama on June 24th. 

“After that, the Americans, worried that we would suspect a betrayal and start pulling our agents from the US, began to arrest them,” the Kremlin source explained.

“[of course], the fate of such a [traitor] is unenviable. All his life he will drag this with him, living every day in fear of retribution.”

The morale of the story, people?

Don’t betray a hot spy, especially if she looks like the lovely Anna.