Smokin’ hot Russian spy strips for Maxim

Anna Chapman may be technologically incompetent and a lousy spy, but at least she knows how to strip.

Yes, the sexy Russian agent – whose clumsy wireless data transmissions were intercepted by the FBI – has taken (most of) it off for Maxim magazine.

When we last caught up with the wannabe spy, she had been hired by Moscow’s prestigious FondServisBank (FSB) as a technology consultant.

“We [have] acquired an exceptionally creative – and what is of equal importance – [a] multifaceted employee who is truly concerned about the fate of Russia,” the FSB confirmed (with a straight face) at the time. 

Previously, Chapman was spotted in Kazakhstan waving goodbye and blowing kisses to the Russian Soyuz spacecraft as it blasted off to the International Space Station (ISS).

Say what you will about the lovely Ms. Chapman, but this girl certainly gets around.

Where do you think she’ll turn up next?