5 Health Problems Caused by Online Gaming

Online Gaming have become very popular. They are being associated by an interesting and accomplished childhood regime in most if not all children of the current generation. Mention any of the games from Super Mario, Pacman, Warcraft just to mention but a few and a kid around will confirm they have played at least two from the least. However, there has been a growing concern of the health problems associated with these games. Successful entrepreneur Feras Antoon, offers insight on ONLINE GAMING – A NEW INDUSTRY OR A HEALTH DISORDER? gives a look into some of these health problems.

Some of the prominent health problems associated with online gaming include:


These games are played with the played in the same physical position for a long period of time. You will mostly find one either seated on a couch with their phone or on a chair staring at the computer screen for a very long period of time without adjusting their position. This results in pain in body parts such as the wrist, shoulder and back. These may affect those involved even late in life. In addition the thumbs are also positioned either on the screen, keypad or keyboard for a very long period of time. This may result in bruises and blisters to these body parts causing a lot of pain to the individual.


Imagine having to station your eyes in front of a screen for very long periods of time because you are playing a video game. The eyes are mostly designed to adjust to a certain light levels Some of these screen have poor light characteristics. Staring at them for a very long time causes pain in the parts of the eyes such as the cornea, pupil and the iris. This may result in complications to the eyesight such as long sight and short sight. These problems can be very expensive to restore to those involved.


Online Video Gaming is a passive activity. This is basically to mean that those involved are most likely not involved in any other physical activity. In addition they are also involved in unhealthy feeding habits. They mostly consume foods but are not involved in any physical activity to watch their weight gain. some and up being obese. Obesity increases the chances of having other fatal diseases such as frequent heart attacks. This is very dangerous.


The hormones released when one wins, serotonin, gives the urge to keep playing for a long period of time. This eventually leads to addiction to the game. One may end up playing for long hours even depriving themselves of important activities such as sleep. This then leads to problems such as depression. The player may also not pay attention to their hygiene or proper feeding habits. This may lead to other problems eventually.

These games also deprive one of the all important social relations. Most of the time is spent playing the game and developing virtual relationships instead of real relationships with people. The player ends up being shy, may have self esteem issues and also find it difficult communicating with people.


There have been deaths that have been caused as a result of online gaming. They may not be many but it is important to know that that may result. These deaths have mainly been caused by those who take a very long periods of time playing these games. They end up not taking breaks even to take some food or water. They then become too fatigued, hungry and dehydrated without noticing until they die.

From the above explanations, it is obvious that Online Gaming have many health dangers to the players especially when played irresponsibly. The industry is growing at a very fast rate leading to an increase of these problems. It is very important to educate those involved to play responsibly because Online Gaming is not being phased out any time soon.