Sony upgrades PS3 with 40nm RSX graphics chip

Sony has upgraded its Playstation 3 console with a 40nm RSX graphics chip.

According to PlayStation University, the latest iteration of the chip is cheaper to produce and sips 15 percent less power than its 65nm predecessor.

“A 40 nano-meter chip results in reduced power usage, it’s less likely to overheat and will require less cooling,” wrote PSU’s Patrick Steen.

“Though the ‘Yellow Light of Death’ is not as common on PS3 Slims, the RSX’s new chip size will also reduce such risks, making the new model more reliable. It joins the current 45nm Cell processor.”

Steen also noted that the newest version of the console is loaded with two 128MB XDR RAM chips (rather than four 64MB chips), along with a redesigned cooling assembly and more efficient power supply.

“The new model’s power supply weighs 30g less at 412g and is quite a contrast to the original 60GB PS3’s 815g power supply. 

The console’s cooling unit has also seen a reduction in weight and size, at 408g compared to the CECH-2000A’s 545g,” added Steen.