3Ds users report ‘black screen of death’

Users on several games forums are complaining that their shiny new Nintendo 3DSs are experiencing repeated, sudden crashes.

They say they’re being presented with an error message instructing them to power down and reset the machine. It’s appeared while playing a number of games, including Super Monkey Ball, Street Fighter IV 3D, Pilotwings, Ghost Recon, Lego Star Wars and Mii.

Users have dubbed the fault the ‘black screen of death’.

“Ive had it twice now, once when i first put SF 3D in and another when just using the menus on the 3DS itself,” says one poster on AVForums.

“The screen goes black and the bottom screen says: ‘A problem has occured, hold down the power button and restart the system. Contact your local support center if the problem persist.'”

Most users say the reset is doing the trick, and others say they’ve successfully put a stop to the fault by formatting their SD cards to the FAT-32 format. But others are losing patience.

“I took my 3DS back to GAME today for a replacment as it’s crashed about five times and I’ve had the error message twice as well,” says one.

“The error message occured with Ghost Recon. Lego Star Wars has crashed in-game and has refused to load a couple of times, resulting in being stuck on a black screen.”

So far, Nintendo hasn’t responded.