3DS to get Netflix support, no 3D movies yet

As part of a keynote speech at this year’s Game Developers Conference, Nintendo of America president Reginald Fils-Aime announced that the upcoming 3DS handheld system will be getting a downloadable Netflix app in the summer.

However, since Netflix itself doesn’t carry any streaming 3D movies, the 3D functionality of the device will remain partially untouched. However, Fils-Aime said there would be 3D trailers pushed through the service specifically for the portable console.

Other than the addition of trailers, Netflix connectivity with the 3DS will be exactly the same as it is with other devices. Users who have an active Netflix account will be able to add as many movies as they want to their “instant queue,” and can watch those titles as long as they’re connected through the system’s Wi-Fi connection.

Fils-Aime pointed out that while there are no 3D movies on Netflix right now, 3D content “is also on the way.” That’s likely part of a larger push to bring the next-gen content to all 3D-enabled devices, including 3D TVs, smartphones, and tablets.

There is no exact timetable for when Netflix will be available on the 3DS. It is not a feature that will be ready on the device launch date of March 27. Instead, there will be an update some time over the summer; that’s as specific as Nintendo is being right now.